Equity, Diversity
and Inclusiveness

Rinnova exists to draw on diversity of thought

Through engaging our diverse community of advisors, the organisations we serve will benefit from the sharing of experiences and perspectives from across the healthcare world.

We’re proud to champion a culture of openness and respect, to accept an alternative view and to encourage healthy debate – so that anyone who chooses Rinnova can bring their authentic self, without doubt or apology.

Equal and fair

We actively promote inclusion as a central pillar of our recruitment process and have a firm belief that diversity should be celebrated in all its forms. Regardless of disability, race, gender, sexual orientation and neurodiversity status, we are resolutely committed to treating every candidate, client and colleague in an equal and fair way.

In order to continue serving a global family of clients, we cannot stand still. We understand the need to continuously evolve by asking ourselves, and our clients, the tough questions that ultimately challenge thinking, disrupt biases and ensure diversity, equality and inclusion in everything we do.

“Pursuing diverse perspectives isn’t just a goal, it’s a strategic imperative. We believe that fostering Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion isn’t just about ticking boxes; it’s about unlocking innovation, enhancing decision-making, and building truly resilient organisations.”

Carl Stevenson, Rinnova Co-founder