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A great leader will transform your organisation, however recruiting the right one is never easy. This is where our advisor-led model offers demonstrable value. Whether you’re looking for a new CEO, CxO, or function leader, our team of industry and recruitment advisors work with you to identify and recruit the best candidate for the role.


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Advisor-led executive search

Role definition and search
Candidate assessment and selection
Ongoing support and candidate mentoring
Coaching services


Role definition and search

Working collaboratively with Rinnova’s team of consultants, our industry advisors can facilitate the search for candidates; ensuring our clients access the best, diverse international pool of candidates with the right skills and experience, who fit with the organisational culture, values, and aspirations.


Candidate assessment and selection

Throughout the recruitment process, Rinnova advisors are available, if needed, to advise and assist with screening, assessing, interviewing and onboarding candidates.


Ongoing support and candidate mentoring

Beyond the role appointment, Rinnova advisors can provide ongoing support for the project and mentoring of individuals. By helping them navigate the inevitable, unforeseen changes, challenges and opportunities that business initiatives bring, Rinnova advisors transfer their skills and experience to the organisation.


Coaching services

The market for talent within the health and social care sector is highly competitive, and high performing individuals are at a premium like never before. A well thought through coaching offer can be a valuable contributing factor in increasing the organisation’s ability to win the war for talent and build a culture that is compassionate and caring, with high quality patient care at its heart. Rinnova offers a range of coaching services to support individuals and organisations going through periods of change either within or between organisations:

– The First 100 Days
– Leadership Development
– Career Outplacement & Transition

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