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Advisor Led

Rinnova’s carefully selected team of advisors are renowned Health & Social care and Recruitment industry leaders with in-depth market knowledge and proven strategic, operational and clinical experience who continue to work, advise and network globally within the sector


Sector Needs

Rinnova is advising on many of the important Health & Social care organisational needs

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How We Work

Rinnova Health and Social care and Recruitment Advisors  a l i g n e d  to your specific 'Client Needs' 


Recruitment services

Role definition and search

Working collaboratively with Rinnova’s Recruitment advisors, our Health & Social care advisors can facilitate the search for candidates; ensuring businesses access the best, diverse international pool of candidates with the right skills and experience, who fit with the culture, values, and aspirations of our clients


Consultancy services

Improved outcomes and return on investment

Rinnova’s Health & Social care advisors can bring consultancy skills and experience to bear, ensuring clients get the best outcomes from internal and external teams and return on their investment.


Who We Are

Whilst working as leaders in their specialist fields of healthcare, consultancy and executive search, the founders of Rinnova recognised an opportunity to bring their skills and expertise together into one business which thinks differently about how the industry supports clients with initiatives which require recruitment