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Pioneering excellence in advisor-driven recruitment

Rinnova was founded to go beyond the traditional, to remove the limitations of transactional recruitment and, in turn, offer the industry deep rooted partnerships that deliver more valuable outcomes.

By bringing together experienced recruiters and seasoned executive leaders, we have formed a team with unrivalled potential. We have the capability to sit on the client side of the fence, to identify, qualify and resolve organisational challenges.

Adrian Downing

Industry Advisor

Adrian specialises in supporting private, public and charitable healthcare organisations to achieve their potential growth. Over the last twenty-five years he has worked with businesses ranging in size from 2 to 25,000 employees, across multiple industries, helping them to develop and deliver their strategies and resolve operational issues. He works extensively with senior management teams, owners and investors to ensure what they are doing on a day-to-day basis helps to deliver their strategy in the most effective way.

He has held a number of commercial Executive and Non-Executive positions in healthcare including at Nuffield Health, Benenden Hospital, Orthopaedic Research UK (Chair), Essential Parent Limited (Chair) and Chelsea Community Hospitals School.

He holds a BA from Kings College, London and a Masters in Medical Demography from the London School of Hygiene.

Alison Rose Quirie

Industry Advisor

Dr. Rose-Quirie has significant experience in acquisitions, disposals, integration and refinancing of health and social care businesses across a range of private equity, privately owned, listed and voluntary organisations, and has worked within both the statutory and private sectors. She has completely restructured and managed organisational change programmes across multi-site social care businesses. She remains passionate about making a difference to those that the sector serves.

Dr. Rose-Quirie started her career as a Prison Governor and worked within the public and private criminal justice sector. She was the first woman to work in an operational role in HMP Wandsworth and was the youngest Governor of a male category B prison, demonstrating significant resilience in the face of opposition.

Dr. Rose-Quirie has spent the last 16 years working within the health and social care sector, the first 12 years on corporate boards leading the restructure and growth of operational businesses across a range of private sector organisations, to create multi award-winning businesses.

She was twice elected as Chair of the Independent Sector Mental Health Alliance, the representative body for the mental health independent providers, and was named within the Health Investors Top Fifty Power List for two years running as an influencer within the sector. She has been involved in ministerial advisory and parliamentary groups and co-authored “The Pursuit of Happiness: A New Ambition For Our Mental Health” in 2014.

Since taking semi-retirement after the successful sale of Swanton Care and Community Ltd. in 2016, Dr. Rose-Quirie currently chairs Alliance Events Ltd., remains on the Board of Care England, is an independent member of the Care Committee of One Housing Group, and is a Non-Executive Director of Essex Partnership University NHS Trust (EPUT) and Nottingham Health Care Trust (NCHT). Within her NHS roles, she chairs the EPUT Board Committee for People, Innovation, and Transformation, is the Board Champion for Freedom to Speak Up and Veterans Service and is a member of the Finance and Performance Committee, Audit Committee, and Strategy Committees for NHCT.

Andrew Gardner

Industry Advisor

Andrew is an expert in healthcare services and is passionate about bringing great technology and processes together to transform the delivery of patient centric healthcare.  

He has over 40 years’ experience in the technology and healthcare sectors, deploying innovative, digital solutions to deliver efficient, effective and safe care to patients. In 2016 he founded Doctorlink, the largest provider of digital health services to the Primary Care sector within the NHS. Key to the success of this business was providing a quality B2C experience to engage patients and drive adoption of the technology and service. Within 3 years of its formation, 12m patients were registered with its services in the UK and USA.

Andrew has a proven track record of successfully tendering for and delivering NHS services. In 2004 he spearheaded the creation of Harmoni, to supply ‘out of hours’ services to Primary Care Trusts and with a focus on quality and patient experience, won multiple NHS contracts. As CEO, Andrew then led the business’ diversification into other services to both the NHS and private sector including prison healthcare, NHS111, and referral management and patient booking. At the time of its sale to Care UK for £50m, Harmoni was the leading outsourced healthcare services company in the UK, providing services to over 8m people.  

Andrew has an in-depth understanding of investors needs and experience of leading both rapidly growing and struggling businesses through periods of change. At Medvivo, Andrew implemented a successful turnaround strategy and during his time as CEO and Chairman, the business was twice accredited as ‘Outstanding’ by the CQC.

Andrew enjoys sharing his knowledge, skills and experience in leadership and mentoring roles.

Brett Pentz

Industry Advisor

Brett brings to his clients a unique combination of over 12 years of client services experience in the UK and US health and social care sectors, as a management consultant along with implementing electronic medical records for leading vendor Epic across 29 hospitals.

He has a proven track record in working with healthcare providers to specify new IT systems and associated processes, ensuring they integrate with medical records systems and fit with the overall IT architecture and legacy systems. Liaising with multidisciplinary teams, Brett’s involvement results in a full definition of the new workflows, identification of the interfaces between the new and legacy systems to enable seamless data and information flows, and specification of KPIs to ensure the project delivers the expected outcomes.

Healthcare clients also look to Brett for tailored strategies, guidance and support in executing their goals. Recently he supported the developer of an AI-enabled surgical theatre efficiency tool with the refinement of their target product portfolio and value proposition messaging. He has also worked with a European private imaging diagnostics business, to develop a community diagnostic centre solution sales pitch and manage its business development pipeline.

Brett has an in-depth understanding of the clinical, social and financial aspects of health data, what data is available, where it is captured and the benefits, concerns and risks over its use. Brett has advised several healthcare companies about assessing the data they have and how it can be used.

By working for clients across the US, UK, and Canada, Brett is well-versed in the regulatory and cultural differences that impact engagement and delivery models in these countries. He is especially knowledgeable of the use of value-based and capitated contract models.

Carl Stevenson

Managing Director

Carl is a co-founder of Rinnova, where he leads an exceptional team of health and social care and recruitment advisors. He is passionate about enhancing organisational design and review in order to transform recruitment and deliver better outcomes for clients.

Carl is recognised as one of the most knowledgeable executive recruiters within healthcare. He has a proven track record of consistently supporting senior management in the organisational opportunities and challenges that businesses in this sector face, successfully hiring exceptional individuals into executive, interim and permanent roles.

“Healthcare is a complex, diverse, regulated, international market with significant organisational challenges.  To succeed in this environment, businesses need to be agile, forward thinking, innovative and informed. Key to delivering outstanding clinical, commercial and operational outcomes is a business’s ability to optimise its organisational structure. Rinnova advisors can assist with this and, together with our recruitment consultants, help businesses attract a diverse, international pool of candidates,, with the right skills and experience for the roles who fit with the culture, values, and aspirations of the organisation.”

Carl is proud to offer clients Rinnova’s innovative and unique advisor-led services to support organisational decision making.

Catherine Ward

Industry Advisor

Catherine is a highly experienced HR professional, Executive Board and Committee member, Board Advisor, Consultant and Executive Coach.

In her three CHRO roles, Catherine was responsible for developing a people strategy aligned to delivery of the organisation’s purpose and goals, and for ensuring its implementation.  She has particular strength in translating strategy into workable solutions.

She has successfully delivered many business transformations. As CHRO of BMI Healthcare, Catherine managed the people and culture integration post-acquisition. She delivered a strategy that led to higher quality, customer focussed and operationally efficient patient care, and contributed to a 45% increase in profitability. More recently, Catherine led the British Council through a £20 million full digitalisation of HR services globally, from design to implementation, including development of a shared services function in India.

As well as delivering change, Catherine has acted both as a consultant and mentor to numerous boards, helping them navigate through the strategic organisational decisions involved in major change programmes. She understands what organisational frameworks work globally and how to implement KPIs which enable governance. Her involvement brings expertise and objectivity and supports decision making. She believes that there is no problem for which there isn’t a solution.

Catherine has been a career long champion of ED & I. Under her leadership, Interserve became the largest UK company to achieve the National Equality Standard EDI accreditation and she implemented succession planning, female talent management and social mobility programmes. Catherine is an expert in advising boards on EDI frameworks and policies, advocating a data-led approach and providing practical advice. She uses innovative ways to identify truly representative lists of candidates and selection panels, and believes supporting successful candidates with ongoing mentoring helps them fulfil their potential.

David Lighterness

Industry Advisor

As a technology generalist, David has worked in both mainframe and client/server environments, which has enabled him to take the best from both worlds in terms of the robust rigidity in the mainframe environment and the informality of the client/server environment. This applies to both software and system processes including the non-IT or technical aspects of a system.

While working for the Department of Health, David undertook multiple and diverse roles which offered him a solid base from which to learn the workings of healthcare in England. For example, the KPI’s currently in the Standard National Contract were specified and designed by David and the dataflows from hospitals to several reporting agencies, such as the HPA and National Joint Registry exist because David created the csv specifications and upload protocols to replace the manual reporting processes.

His time with the Data Standards Board gave him in-depth knowledge and understanding of the NHS Data Dictionary and the use of nomenclature within both the NHS and non-NHS healthcare providers.

David’s experience at the Department of Health enabled him to project manage the 111 rollout for South East England, as well as the Hospital-at-Home project for West Berkshire, and several other significant NHS projects. His thorough understanding of the Payments by Results mechanism meant that he anticipated and expressed the failure of the Hospital-at-Home project several months before NHS England considered it unsustainable.

David is a data and systems expert with real-world application. He has managed projects across primary and secondary healthcare, banking, insurance, cybersecurity and big pharma, and has a solid understanding of advanced analytics, and the systems and processes that support businesses.

Dr. Charles Niehaus

Industry Advisor

Dr Charles Niehaus brings clients a unique combination of clinical, operational and management capability gained from over 27 years’ experience of working in healthcare.

He is a trained Medical Doctor who has led multidisciplinary teams across a breadth of specialities. In his executive roles, he has been the driving force behind operational delivery for private organisations working across Sub Saharan Africa, the UK and Europe. He is an advocate of continuous improvement and always seeks to challenge what is possible.

Charles advises the boards of organisations undergoing significant change, bringing to bear his proven experience of creating shareholder value with his practical, operational expertise. Charles is passionate about delivering high quality, cost effective care to all people globally, and has advised The Nelson Mandela Foundation on population health issues such as HIV, when he was personal physician to President Nelson Mandela.

Charles has successfully delivered transformation for numerous surgical and diagnostic businesses, balancing clinical, operational and commercial strategies and integrating efficient processes with clinical and management information systems to optimise performance.

He has over 18 years’ experience in developing public private partnerships and successfully tendering for NHS contracts, and has an in-depth understanding of what makes PPP contracts successful for both the provider and procurer.

Charles has a proven track record in creating and realising shareholder value, as well as successfully delivering organic and acquisition-led growth. He believes the success of M&A lies in targeting businesses which meet a clear clinical strategic plan. He understands the needs of changing businesses are different to those in a steady state, as are the skills and experience needed to lead and manage these phases, and can support organisations to identify and hire the right interim and permanent staff.

Fiona Wheeler

Industry Advisor

Fiona is a successful leader with a track record of delivering high quality clinical services within the NHS.

Fiona has led high performing, multi-professional clinical teams and has delivered demonstrable improvements in clinical and operational services. Her portfolio of experience includes all clinical services, many of which have international standing in the NHS, research and the private healthcare sector.

Fiona has worked within the hospital environment for over twenty-five years and enjoys developing and improving clinical services across the healthcare sector, building on opportunities for growth and service development.  She has expert knowledge of national and international clinical strategies, including the market opportunities that are available through technological and commissioning advances.  The commercial opportunities for healthcare providers are considerable and the traditional NHS/private boundaries are changing, providing opportunity for commercial and clinical strategies to align in the private sector.  Fiona is keen to utilise her knowledge and experience in the academic and strategic healthcare environment.  

During her career, Fiona has successfully tackled long standing areas of poor performance, re-energised and motivated teams and individuals to deliver high performing, expert services with a reputation for quality and delivery.

Gus Ferguson

Associate Partner

Gus is an Associate Partner at Rinnova, joining at the beginning of 2024 to help expand the Rinnova offering and giving us the capacity to deliver exceptional and innovative recruitment initiatives to a wider client base. Having been involved in the healthcare recruitment industry for over a decade, Gus brings a wealth of experience to our team and a deep understanding of the challenges facing the sector at a clinical, senior management and executive level.

Drawing on a diverse network of leadership talent from the NHS and independent healthcare sector, Gus works in collaboration with Rinnova advisors to offer clients a bespoke and tailored approach to permanent search, interim assignments and advisory initiatives.

He is passionate about delivering a service which goes beyond a traditional recruitment transaction and has a track record of supporting executive teams with shaping new roles, identifying exciting profiles and supporting the integration of new appointments.

Guy Blomfield

Industry Advisor

Guy Blomfield has held senior board positions across a variety of healthcare services businesses in both private equity and public ownership structures.

At Oasis Dental Care he implemented a turnaround private/NHS strategy resulting in a successful exit to Duke St Capital in 2007. Guy was also Commercial and Strategy Director for BMI Hospitals, responsible for a series of growth and partnership initiatives with PMIs and third party service providers.

From 2012 Guy was CEO at Alliance Medical – the largest European complex imaging services provider. He led a successful turnaround and partnership-based strategy which included the integrated nuclear medicine partnership with The Christie across 31 hospitals in England. This culminated in a successful exit to Life Healthcare in 2016, where he continued to work for a further two years.

Guy has significant experience of working in a variety of ownership structures, and delivery of public-private partnerships across a range of European countries, working with suppliers to form strategic partnerships to optimise clinical and service outcomes.

Guy has an MSC in Corporate Finance and had a successful career in management consultancy prior to his leadership roles.

Jenny Levett

Industry Advisor

For more than fifteen years Jenny has worked as a consultant to providers, commissioners and insurers in the UK, Europe and US. She has a background in both hands-on operational experience and developing and delivering growth strategies in the public, private and charitable sector.

In the aged care sector, Jenny helps businesses create deliverable clinical, commercial and operational strategies which make the most of the assets available, are right for residents, the workforce and the owners, and deliver high quality, safe, efficient care.  She advises on creating and pricing propositions, how to attract, recruit and develop talent, recovery plans, quality matters and helping providers have a voice and view on key issues and reform.

Jenny has a proven track record of collaborating on integrating care systems. She helps the parties match the provision of services to a data-led analysis of the needs of the local population, and implement the organisational change needed to make the alliances successful.

Jenny has advised a number of large NHS Foundation Trusts on strategic initiatives including fundraising, addressing workforce issues, collaborating with leadership teams on clinical strategies and execution plans, and identifying and onboarding suitable NHS, third and private sector partners.

She has also worked in both adult and children’s mental health and community services on projects where funding and the provision of services is focused on prevention and early diagnosis, for both NHS and private providers.

Jenny has an in depth understanding of what data different users need and value, and what systems any new technology needs to be able to interact with in order to be useful. She has helped several tech companies interpret the needs of providers and patients.

Kimberley Pierce

Industry Advisor

Kimberley Pierce is a highly regarded and engaging operational leader, with years of experience in hospital executive management, in both the public and private sectors.

Ms. Pierce is considered an expert in the leadership and management of hospitals, as well as the development of clinical services and clinical redesign within acute health care settings. She has held a number of senior executive positions, including her most recent role as Chief Operating Officer at Gold Coast Health and a previous position as Chief Executive of the Sunshine Coast Ramsay Hospital.

She has been considered a ‘trouble shooter’ for many hospitals, having gained a successful track record in turning around underperforming hospitals within Australia, South Africa and the UK.

In the past eight years, Ms. Pierce has been successful in the management and commissioning of major capital projects, including the commissioning of the Sunshine Coast University Private Hospital which she delivered ahead of schedule, gaining accreditation within the first week of opening.

She sits as a Board Director for MS Queensland and Gold Coast Regional Committee for the Australian Institute of Company Directors, and is a member of the health advisor board for Bond University. 

Marcus Powell

Industry Advisor

Marcus is an experienced organisation development leader, who brings to his clients a unique combination of a strong academic background in organisational consultancy and executive coaching, with proven HR leadership, operational capability and a breadth of cross-sector experience gained as an external consultant.

He has supported many businesses with the people aspect of change programmes, helping them understand the patterns of behaviour which might hinder change. Marcus works collaboratively with organisations to deliver interventions which allow new, positive patterns to emerge, and encourages senior leaders to be part of the change – one of the most important contributors to a positive outcome for patients, employees and other stakeholders.

Marcus believes that the individuals within organisations are the experts and best placed to resolve the issues and challenges their businesses face. As Director of Leadership and Organisational Development at the Kings Fund, Marcus supported a number of NHS Hospital Trusts during periods of significant financial and clinical pressure. He worked with the leadership teams to give them the confidence to solve problems and to help them unlock their ability to use their knowledge, skills and creativity to identify and successfully deliver effective solutions.

As Director of Human Resources and Organisation Development at Nuffield, Marcus developed his team to be ‘enablers’ within the organisation. This required a significant change in attitude and Marcus now works with HR teams to understand this strategic change and plan towards it. He was also instrumental in helping Nuffield and Canon Gyms integrate and become one end-to-end customer health and wellbeing brand.

Recently, Marcus has developed an innovative clinical leadership programme which, through a combination of workshops, coaching, facilitation and team building, helps individuals and teams build their leadership capability and in turn, deliver excellent care for patients.

Michael Sandhu

Industry Advisor

Michael is a specialist in delivering radiation oncology solutions, with over 30 years’ experience having worked for industry market leaders over this period.

Michael qualified with a BA(Hons) degree in Medical Sciences in 1984 and, after a short period in the UK public healthcare sector, moved into the radiation therapy field, gaining extensive experience in worldwide markets outside of the Americas, holding positions such as Vice President Sales and Marketing for these regions with Varian Medical Systems.

He specialised in Sales and Marketing Operations and led as the public private partnerships (PPP) Director in the development and implementation of PPP projects worldwide for Varian, following the first pioneering PPP projects in the UK in the 1990s.

Michael recently led the Market Access team to develop cancer and radiation therapy solutions in emerging markets for Varian, working at ministerial levels of government, and senior levels in UN agencies and key cancer NGOs. 

Michael has hosted international workshops on developing advanced radiation oncology solutions for emerging markets.

“As my career progressed in the field of radiation therapy it became clear to me that improving global access and its effectiveness, are areas where I want to devote my knowledge, time and energy to make a difference. Use of radiation therapy will grow globally. It is a unique technology that will improve in its effectiveness, particularly in tumours that are currently difficult to target”.

Michael Wilson

Industry Advisor

Michael is an experienced Chief Executive with a successful history of strategic and operational leadership within the NHS at a local, regional and national level.

Michael began his career as a healthcare assistant and worked in a number of clinical roles before taking on local and national leadership positions. Prior to joining SASH as chief executive in 2010, he was deputy chief executive at Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust. Michael has also been a Director at the Department of Health where he worked across a range of national projects and spent a short time in the Prime Minister’s Delivery Unit.

In 2016 Michael was awarded a CBE in Her Majesty The Queen’s 90th Birthday Honours for services to the NHS.

Mike Bell

Industry Advisor

Mike has more than 25 years of experience in the NHS, including the role of Chair at Croydon Health Services NHS Trust and Lewisham & Greenwich NHS Trust.

His previous roles include 11 years at Strategic Health Authorities where he was Vice Chair of NHS London. He also recently served for a year as Interim Chair of Barking, Havering and Redbridge University Hospitals NHS Trust, supporting the Trust to develop a new strategic direction and leadership model.

Over the past nine years since joining Croydon Health Services, Mike has helped lead them out of financial special measures and has held the Trust Board to account to deliver continued improvements in the quality and access to care in and out of hospital.

Outside of his work directly with trusts, Mike is also the director of a research and consultancy company, MBARC Ltd, which works with central and local government and the NHS on issues relating to social exclusion, specialising in working with marginalised communities.

Mike is also currently the Chair of the NHS London Chairs Non-Executive Directors Anchor Network.

Mindy Daeschner

Industry Advisor

Mindy is an accomplished entrepreneur and expert in healthcare and technology, with over 20 years of experience in management consultancy.

She is dedicated to driving transformation in healthcare services and delivery, leveraging her unique blend of market analysis, entrepreneurial expertise, and global industry connections.

Mindy’s passion lies in unlocking the potential of healthcare by fostering collaboration, embracing innovation and building strong business relationships.

Nick Carter

Industry Advisor

Nick specialises in healthcare planning, including public private partnerships. He has 30 years’ experience from commissioning a PPP project, through leading successful bids, advising funders, operators, and other major players, to acting as an independent expert arbiter on several high-profile UK hospital projects.

“It was a privilege to serve in the NHS for 20 years, where my role was finance director but my objective and passion was to improve patient care and patient outcomes. I continue those goals as a consultant advisor, and have been fortunate to have positively touched health systems around the world, particularly in low to middle income countries, delivering affordable health solutions mainly in the field of cancer and usually in a structure of public private partnerships.”

His intimate knowledge of hospital care, together with his thirst for new ideas and innovation, has provided invaluable support to delivering successful new health facilities, including involvement in several proton therapy projects, radiation oncology and key diagnostics.

Nick was also key to exploring opening new markets for international players, able to translate healthcare needs and demands from local needs to those clients. Nick can offer Rinnova’s clients advice on public private partnerships, particularly entering new markets.

Simon Harrison

Industry Advisor

Simon has held senior board positions in a wide variety of health and social care organisations, and is renowned in the social care arena for his turnaround and change management abilities.

The pressures that health and social care organisations face are significant, and Simon recognises that, while the dilemmas they need to confront are not unique, the solutions may be. Simon works collaboratively with boards and management teams to develop their capabilities, identifying the strategic, operational and organisational change required to turn around their businesses and deliver measurable results.

At Astonbrook Care Limited, Simon was appointed as Chairman and then CEO by Octopus Investments to deliver a turnaround and exit strategy. He led a detailed commercial and operational review of the 25 homes, devising an individual plan for each. Some were successfully sold, and in the remainder, Simon implemented a people-based strategy with a focus on improving quality.  The resultant improved occupancy, cost reduction and enhanced reputation enabled their successful sale in under 3 years.

Simon is also a recognised expert in clinical governance and quality. As an accredited volunteer peer reviewer for CHKS, Simon brings to his clients insights into systems, operations and processes gained from a wide variety of organisations, and helps businesses understand where, what and how they can change in order to improve their care quality standards.  

He understands the challenges of balancing clinical excellence with commercial operations and delivering effective, efficient and economic services across multiple sites. As Director of Clinical Services at BMI Healthcare, Simon was responsible for 58 hospitals and led the organisation through a period of rapid growth, whilst also spearheading a culture of quality improvement.

Simon also supports due diligence of acquisitions, assessing a target’s current operations, strategic fit and the potential for improvements, synergies and economics of scale. In 2020, Simon worked with the administrators of Four Seasons Bamford Ltd to successfully transition the business to new operators.

Tim Elsigood

Industry Advisor

Tim is a recognised expert in performance improvement and quality systems, with a proven track record in optimising systems and processes to deliver efficiency and improve patient experiences.

As advisor to a healthcare group in North Africa, Tim led a multidisciplinary team which process-mapped the group’s patient journey and back-office operations, identifying opportunities for improvement in patient scheduling and consolidation of services.  Implementing these improved the patient experience whilst driving a reduction in cost of over 20%, and enabling a new development to the portfolio to be efficiently integrated.

Tim understands the pressures and expectations that accompany executive roles and has mentored and coached numerous boards. At a private company in Romania, Tim was appointed interim CEO to restructure and support the management team, with a specific focus on the introduction of internationally accepted quality standards. This involved redefining the executive roles, appointing candidates into those roles and introducing a standardised approach to budgeting and performance management which enabled the board to better lead the business.  

Tim has extensive international experience having worked across the Middle East, Russia, India, Eastern Europe and North Africa. On assignments he immerses himself in the local culture to truly understand its complexities. He builds relationships with clinicians, staff and management, listening closely to their concerns, what prevents them delivering the quality of service they would like, and their ideas and suggestions. He then works collaboratively with all parties to develop processes which deliver high quality and safe care, without compromising the cultural needs of staff and patients.

Recently, Tim has been advising an executive team in Georgia on their digital strategy. Central to this was assessing the impact on the existing ‘bricks and mortar’ assets of the significant IT investment being made and enabling the organisation to maximise the benefits to be obtained in operational efficiencies.

Carl Jacobsz

Finance Manager

Carl is the Finance Manager at Rinnova, where he expertly manages all financial operations. With a deep-seated passion for finance, he has a career built on a solid educational foundation and 6 years practical experience.

Carl graduated from the University of Pretoria in South Africa while simultaneously working as a bookkeeper, gaining valuable insights into the practical applications of financial principles. This hands-on experience provided a seamless transition from academic knowledge to real-world financial management.

Driven by a desire to explore and work internationally, he moved to the United Kingdom, where he embraced the opportunity to join Rinnova. Carl is currently an ACCA student with the aim of obtaining a master’s in financial management. As the company’s financial engine, he leverages his expertise to ensure Rinnova’s financial health and growth.

Rob Walker

Board Advisor

With a career spanning over 25 years in the recruitment sector, Rob is experienced in building, leading and scaling recruitment businesses.

He founded Walker Hamill in London in 1989 and built it into an international recruitment business with an exceptional reputation for delivery amongst blue chip clients. Subsequently, he then co-led the float of Imprint plc in 2001, the first start-up recruitment company to float on AIM.

Whilst Rob has a less active role in the day-to-day operations at Rinnova, he remains an important advisor to Carl Stevenson and the rest of the board.

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