DHU Healthcare

The Client
The Position

Director of People & Organisational Development


DHU is one of the largest Community Interest Companies in the UK delivering urgent and emergency care services, in partnership with the NHS.


The context

A member of the executive team was retiring so the CEO had an opportunity to review the portfolio that this executive was responsible for – Strategy, People & Partnerships.

Rinnova deployed two advisors to firstly support the discussion on how DHU could be effectively structured for future growth, via a workshop. These sessions provided insights and first hand experience on how our advisors had previously navigated their businesses through similar challenges.

This insight supported DHU to make strategic decisions on the structure, before deciding on a key role that was required, Director of People & Organisational Development.


The solution

CEO Discussion & Board Enquiry

  • The CEO and one of Rinnova’s advisors (Marcus Powell) met to discuss the wider impact of the organisational change.
  • Rinnova’s advisor supported the shaping of the role by getting into the detail of DHU’s HR and OD strategy.

Search & Interviewing

  • Rinnova’s advisors proactively assisted the recruitment team with the search itself, in addition to candidate qualification and shortlisting. Advisors were also available for panel interviews and the offers stage.
  • Rinnova advisors were on hand to assist with the on-boarding and mentoring of the successful candidate.


The impact

  • Relevant sector expertise and board-level discussions ensured the right skills and experience for long-term success were sought after. This process was conducted in a way that traditional search cannot cover.
  • Candidates were presented that a traditional search would not have found, as a result of advisor input.
  • Successful appointment of DHU’s new Director of People & Organisational Development.
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“We are pleased that Rinnova was able to support us through the process to find and appoint a Director of People & OD – at a time when DHU is expanding its business, growing its team and setting out strategic priorities through a new People Plan.”

Stephen Bateman, DHU, Chief Executive Officer

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