Private Equity Group

The Position

Board Advisory


Rinnova’s client was a private equity group looking to make long-term investments in health and social care in the UK. They had identified a care home acquisition target and required support to better understand the sector and opportunity.


The context

Despite broad experience in health and social care internationally, the client had not previously invested in social care assets in the UK. Having identified an acquisition target with a footprint of 30 homes, the client required support to understand the dynamics of the sector.

This included independent review of due diligence materials, preparation for management meetings, and detailed analysis of specific data points including local pay rates, competitive landscape, and funding sources.


The solution

Rinnova’s approach was to appoint one of our advisors, an expert with recent experience as a Commercial Director in social care, who became embedded in the client’s management group working alongside other advisors as part of the deal team.

Our advisor’s role was to provide critical analysis of the acquisition target’s business using in-depth knowledge of operational and strategic issues in the sector.

This included:

  • Analysis of the service mix (nursing vs. residential care), pricing and cost structures, and funding sources (NHS, Local Authority, and other).
  • A home-by-home view of margins, and opportunities for margin improvement based on an assessment of people, quality, and growth.
  • An assessment of workforce stability, including vacancy rates, staff turnover and use of agency staff.


The impact

  • Ensured the client had an informed view of risks and opportunities to make decisions on the potential acquisition.
  • Rinnova’s advisor provided a practical understanding of asset commercials and operations, based on experience.
  • Improved the client’s familiarity with the UK’s health and social care sector to support future investment decisions.

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