St John & St Elizabeth Hospital

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The Position

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St John & St Elizabeth Hospital is one of the UK’s largest independent charitable hospitals. They are committed to delivering excellent care with impeccable standards and are proud to attract world-class consultants and dedicated nursing staff.

Their charitable status comes from the on-site St John’s Hospice, which is funded with appeals and surplus from their private healthcare services. The hospice provides free chronic and end-of-life palliative care, via inpatient, day care and community services, to over 4,000 people and their families each year, across seven boroughs.


The context

HJE recognised the need to thoroughly review and refine certain back office processes. The existing systems required an in-depth analysis to uncover inefficiencies and areas for improvement. This review was essential to streamline operations, reduce errors, and ultimately provide better management and patient service.


The solution

A comprehensive piece of work was delivered to map out current back office processes. This involved a detailed analysis from patient registration to billing, covering all aspects of outpatient, diagnostic, and inpatient services.

The process identified key issues and opportunities for improvement, culminating in a best practice model and a strategic implementation plan. The deliverables included a detailed diagrammatic report, a presentation of findings, and documented insights into incremental findings.


The impact

The outcome of this work significantly enhanced HJE’s understanding of its back office processes. By identifying inefficiencies and areas for improvement, HJE has been able to adopt a best practice model that improves accuracy and efficiency. This will lead to better financial management, optimised processes and improved patient services, ultimately supporting the organisation’s goal of operational excellence.

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“Rinnova did a great job for us delivering a short Advisory project. They offered helpful insight and constructive suggestions. The work was completed diligently and presented in a well written form, then mirrored in an engaging discussion. I would not hesitate working with Rinnova in the future.”

Simon James, St John & St Elizabeth Hospital, CEO

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